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workshops in Copenhagen. Learn Japanese fun way, Draw anime

Workshops in Copenhagen!!!

Hey hey!  I am VERY excited!!!!!!! Workshops in Copenhagen, yeahhh!!!

Sunday is a Learning day!
I am throwing 2 workshops on April 28. 2019.  SUNDAY  at Cafe Ofa    in Copenhagen.

  • Ideally small group,  maybe 3- 4 people in 1 lesson. 😃
  • Lesson is 75 minutes long, but it can be 60mins~80minutes range.


Fee is 150dkk per person. + please buy a drink at Cafe Oha.😌😃


Workshop A ) Learn Japanese Fun way 

I like casual and fun way of learning. So this language lesson, we will be using KIDS Japanese study materials, and my drawings.  No serious dictionary or heavy grammar explanations. This is sort of like how I teach my 4 year old son, Z,  Japanese language. It’s more Visual and Sound.

We will cover basic Hiragana, How to read/ pronounce. Basic vocabularies.
We will practice to read some words.  Also Basic greetings. Some mini exercise.  We may go a bit of slangs as well.

Please Bring : notebook, pencils – and smile!

Workshop B) Learn How To Draw Anime 

I will show you how to draw Anime Drawing!
I will prepare everything – from drawing papers,  hand-made easy-to-follow drawing practice sheets :))

Let’s get together and draw!

Please Bring:   Coloring materials such as colored pencils, markers.
Maybe some Manga or Anime books, that you like as inspiration?

I have a sad YouTube channel showing how-to-draw simple / Anime. Please subscribe – you will make me happy!! 😉

How to sign up

Please write to me at  helloscandiasia(atmark)   or PM me on Facebook!

I will be on vacation March 24-April 7 with limited internet, but I will make sure to check responses as often as possible.

Of course, write me your questions if you have any!

That’s all!

I am scared (!?) but excited !!!!!!!! Looking forward to meeting with you, real life, not internet 😆  hehehe…!

See you!!!!!!



PS- aaaand … That’s the weekend of Sakura Festival. 
Maybe you can go to both, my workshops / Festival and become ” Japan Overload” !? 🥰  😂

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