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learn japanese

Domo! Today’s small Japanese language lesson.

What’s This? = Kore-Nani? 

But that’s casual way to say, if you want to say in polite way, you’d go
Kore wa Nandesuka?  = これは何ですか?

Yes. Long. I know.
But that’s how it is…. if you want to be polite in Japanese language, you gotta say a lot of words.


You know this feeling?

You think you know what this is, but it gets extremely difficult to explain,  —- especially you have to explain right away ?

I do know First Aid Kit.
But I just couldn’t explain when Z pointed out …. it was so random!  ( who’d imagine First Aid Kit is there?! )

My brain couldn’t catch up the speed. Ah!!!

But now I’m good!
Because the Kit is on our way to Z’s kindergarten, he asks me almost everyday.

I’m well-trained,
Whenever Z points out I just explain, even with cool gesture.
( – that I’m dying but recover by the First Aid Kit …. a bit embarrassing doing that on a street, but Z clearly understands it. )


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  1. jeppe nørgaard villadsen says:

    kore wa pen desu