When Japanese goes to Asian Store

Asian Store, Asian Food, Japanese

Are there any Asian stores where you live?
Do you shop there – and have this moment :What’s this for? How do I use it??

…. you’re not alone. Me, Japanese, gets lost too!

Think it’s funny??  Even I, Japanese is Asian, I can’t read Thai / Vietnamese / Korean language. I can barely guess some Chinese but normally have no idea what it means.

So when I go to Asian Store, I always get confused.

Soooo many rice noodles… I don’t know the difference…. and a lot of interesting food that I want to try, but I just don’t know what to buy and how to use.

But I get happy surprised when my Japanese friend tells me some food is same as we use in Japan! (For example, Agar – called in Thai, it’s jelly-like vegetable gelatin, is Kanten 寒天 in Japanese! Now I can make Milk Kanten.)

They’re just written in a different language and different package.

Have you had this happy moment, that you find out some food is same as your home country!? (and surprised)

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