When Danes go panic

danes panic

Domo everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful Easter holidays and now ready for winter!

To me Danish people are one of the calm, always ‘stay cool’ people.
They are like zen garden.  They are like, whitest buddha, I say.

But after living here for years, I noticed something….

…Do you know when Danes go panic?  No, it’s not when Tax will go up, it’s when they feel like Summer will never come.

Let’s analyze based on true story…..


It’s April 3rd.  Today Tokyo has been 20C with beautiful sakura blooming,


Photo Credit : Noriko Hirano

while it’s snow-storming in Denmark. ahahaha….funny….. (I can’t do anything but laughing….)

denmark snow

So I muttered, I felt like maybe we will never have Summer or Spring come this year.
Maybe snow, snow, 2 days Spring-days, then back to snow, snow, skip Summer, then dark long winter comes………

Danish people will panic. Some will cry….

Because I know, after living here for years, this CAN actually happen in Denmark.

Danish weather is the world’s most difficult predicable and craziest – we’re all afraid in bottom of our hears, that Summer can be cold and rainy.

Then soon dark cold icy winter comes…..  ahhhhh panic!!!!!!
I’m getting panic just thinking of that.   ( Am I getting integrated well?)

But hey- we should never give up our hope!
One day the sun will come out, we will see the blue sky, and sweating walking outside.

…. Honestly I can’t even remember where I packed my summer clothes, I feel like I never need them…….,

but I hope the time will come that I need to take them out of closet!



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  1. Shannon says:

    I get anxious when it starts to be springtime here in Texas because I know that the long hot summer will soon be coming. It’s the opposite of living in a northern country but just as bad, I tell you!