Weather Check

No matter how long I live in Denmark, I can never tell about Danish Weather.

Like this morning… it was pouring rain. I wore a raincoat and rain boots.
Now around noon, I see the blue sky. AHHHH!!!!!

In my heavy backpack, I always have jacket, umbrella, sweater, sunglasses, fan…. crazy thing is that I use them all in a day sometimes.

Danish weather, you are crazy…

Good Weekend everyone!

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  1. Rolf Thomassen says:

    Welcome to danish wather.
    The best you can do, it look at the weather forecast in the evening before, in the late evening/night news, they are pretty accurate. Ok ok they are not alway totally right, but 90% of the time.
    They’ll tell you what to wear next day.
    But most foreners dont look the weather forcast as may normally only get Tomorrow is sun and 30c.