Viking-Ninja! ***announcement***

Hey guys! Koko here.

Thank you for always reading ScandiAsia cartoons, I love you!
Today I have a mini announcement.

…oh, this little boy?    He’s my son.

Yup, I have a son, soon to be 3 year-old.  He’s mix of Danish and Japanese.
I was actually drawing this cartoon when I was having a labor! For me drawing cartoon was the greatest way to distract me.

Since last year I’ve been running a new cartoon series

Flying Diaper!
Don’t you like the catchy name?  It’s really fun to draw kids / family cartoons. There are so many funny moments about being parents.
But don’t get me wrong, I was never be a kid-loving-person. I was like this below:

I was like, super anti-kids person. My friends were so worried when I got pregnant. A few of my best friends in America actually flew to Denmark to see if everything was okay when I gave a birth.  (Thanks Cliff and Samsy!)

But I changed. I am a completely new person now and giving a full-love to my son! I actually like (most of the) other kids too.   🙂

So yeah, I was working on those 2 cartoons websites at the same time for over a year.

You know, being a mom, having a small kid, working part-time freelancing – I’ve been so fucking busy.   (My respect to all the mothers who have a full-time job and kids, it’s amazing. )

My son goes to daycare part-time, but the time goes soooo fast.

Creating art takes time. Even though it may look simple.
For ScandiAsia, I usually spend 2-3 hours to make a 1 post, but sometimes more.

My problem is, I simply don’t have enough time to keep updating 2 websites.

Another problem is, my drawing energy will be 50% less for both websites.

So after thinking with my small brains, I decided to combine those 2 websites.

I love both websites and I don’t wanna kill them. I also don’t want to disappoint followers. (you!)

From now on,  Flying Diaper is merging with ScandiAsia, sometimes son will appear!
I will keep Flying Diaper open for now, but I won’t update the website until the domain expires.

Keep it Simple (Stupid), doh!

What’s the same is, I still draw cartoons that brings you a smile 🙂

And Lastly – let me introduce,  His name is Z!  (nickname. )
He’s a Viking Ninja boy (Denmark x Japan mix)  – The most BADDASS MIX ever  – says “nice to meet you!” to you!

Ja-ne~! See you guys soon, thanks for reading my announcement!!

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