UNCHI, when 3 year old poops in the bathroom

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Another lesson of “Let’s study Japanese with 3 year old kid!”.

The earlier lessons was pretty popular, so I want to continue this series time to time. Cool with you?

Oh, warning if you’re eating now, because today I’ll talk about “shit”. – a lot in this post.

Today the topic is UNCHI.  No, no no buddy—  it’s not Unicef nor Unilever, it’s UNCHI. Hum, it actually sounds like some kinda high class organization, but it means poop in Japanese. (Don’t you love my language. )

UNCHI – It’s one of the most popular words among kids in Japan. I dunno what it is with the relationship between poop and kids, but kids love poop.  They love love love ’em.

Z gets excited when I put ketchup or yogurt.

Recently Japan just published this study books that are characters are unchi. I took those pics when I was in Tokyo banc in April.

As a result this series became mega hit, (1.83 million copies sold) and kids truly enjoy studying with Unchi.
(in their books they calls Unko.  It’s the same thing, Unchi- Unko)

Their Official page 

Sample of kanji learning page:
“I picked up Unchi in the middle of a rice field. ”
” An old man who poops while working in a rice field.”

EU residence, You can buy here 🙂

I have no idea if other kids ( Danish, and other nationalities) like Unchi like Japanese kids???  Is it only Japan??

Back to Z and my story.

“UNCHI!” – Z says when he needs to go. I come with him to assist.

In the bathroom I’m a cheerleader. Like you know, those high energy American cheering girls.

I go   “U~~nchi!! U~~nchi!”   “Gambare! 頑張れ!  = come on! you can do it!”

It actually really helps.

The only problem is that I can’t really cheer him that loud in the public bathroom because people think I’m a weirdo.


HAPPY UNCHI everyone!

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  1. Karen says:

    A unchi-side fact: Did you know, that if the knees are in a higher position than the hips, when on the toilet, the Unchi comes rather easy, because of the biological natural position?
    Every body should know this!

    … and how awesome is it that you actually cheer him on! Go cheer-mom 😀