Udon Recipe ~Cook Japanese food in Denmark~

Udon is thick wheat noodles from Japan.
This is easy and perfect for hot noodle dish for cold winter days!

There are different ways of cooking, but here I’ll introduce you Koko way of Udon.(kokodon)!

Japanese Udon Recipe

Ingredients —for 1 person

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  1. Japanese Udon Soup Stock.
     Buy at JapanCentre.com 

I use this soup stock -it’s cheating, I know, But this is the BEST udon soup I must say.
You can also use it for Oden, Chawan-mushi, Dashimaki Tamago etc..

2. UDON Noodles.
You can buy some at Asian Store in Denmark. But try to Udon noodles imported from Japan, because they are completely different texture…you will love it.
Japanese Authentic Udon  9dkk =1 pack or 44dkk=5 packs

3. Meat. 80~100g
Fatty Pork (nakkefilet) or Chicken breast or Beef for simmering.
Remember you need to slice thin. I used pork this time. 

4. Vegetables and 1 egg.

  • 1 Egg
  • Onion
  • Carrots
  • Leeks
  • Cabbage (spiskål) or Chinese napa cabbage
  • Shiitake mushroom (option)
  • Fish Balls (option)

5. Sauce for Meat

6. Optional items— But very very veeeeeeery nice to have, especially tempura flakes,
It till make the dish taste better.

This is Shichimi. Chili Spices.

7. Hot Water

  • 250-300ml for soup stock
  • 500ml for Udon pre-cook

You will need either:

  • 3 Normal deep cooking pots

….or if you want to do hard-core udon cooking, by using Donabe,

  • 1 Donabe
  • 2 Normal deep cooking pots

This is Donabe , special clay-made pot.

…with a wooden spoon . It’s a special spoon used in Japan for noodles dish. 

Let’s COOK!!!!! 

STEP1: Thin Slice the meat and Vegetables.

See pictures above.

STEP 2: Simmer Meat in a pan#1

Add soy sauce, sugar and meat.

Simmer all together until done. Set aside. 

STEP 3: Pre-cook Udon.

Put udon in a boiled hot water, cook for a minute.
Drain, set aside.

STEP 4: Donabe User: Add Soup Stock in Donabe

Open 1 package udon soup, add 250ml hot water in Donabe.
I usually use 300ml hot water…but it’s up to you. Taste it and you decide how much.

Turn on the heat on the stove, between medium-strong.

STEP 5: Place Udon and vegetables and meat.

The white balls are fish balls.

If you have Tenkasu, add 1-2 spoons.
Squeeze vegetables to make a space for tenkasu, be sure that tenkasu touches the soup, so it will absorb it and make the whole soup yummier.

STEP 6: Put the lid and simmer!

Medium heat, about 5 minutes.
Keep checking, be sure the soup doesn’t overflow out of the lid.
It will cook fairly fast, and you can see that it’s boiling.
Careful not to get burnt!

 Add 1 egg!

When the vegetables are cooked add raw-egg on top.
Put a lid, cook for 20-30 seconds.

Finish!!!!! Itadaki-masu!!!!!

Add Tororo Kombu and Shichimi (seven spices) as you like.

Ohh… look at … this egg…. perfectly done!! If you prefer harder egg, cook more, but I think the mixture of udon soup and yolk is heaven.


STEP 7: For a Pot User.

If you use a pot, add soup, water, vegetables in a pot, cook everything together.

Put a lid and simmer until vegetables are cooked.

Then Add Udon. Mix with veggies and soup. Give 1 minute.

Add egg, then put a lid to cook.  (sorry forgot a picture)
Cook 1 minute or until however you want your egg to be. Hard cooked or half-raw.

Finish! Itadaki masu!!!!!

Add Tororo and Shichimi (seven spices) as you like.

Cooking Methods in simple infographic.

Small Tip.
If you are using dried shiitake,  you need to soak it in water first. (can take time)
But don’t waste the water because it’s got good Shiitake Dashi.
Add it little bit to udon for an extra flavor. 

Shopping List

Udon 1 pack
Udon 5 packs
Udon Soup Stock
Dried Shiitake

Tororo Kombu(seaweed for Udon)


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