Tomato Can

Shit happens.

Since the tomato splatter incident, I am afraid of opening all the way.
Solution: Open only half way.

You only learn from your mistakes.

These bastards are Italian tomato cans. I’ve been using them nowadays and I have to say they taste very goooood!  It costs a bit more but worth it.

I’ve been eating so much of this Koko Soup.  Especially when I am too busy to cook.
Try this, if you are looking for extremely easy cooking ;


Koko’s super easy lazy soup recipe

1 tomato can
1 corn can
1 kidney beans ( or any beans)
1 pack of bacon
Some carrots , chopped
Some Celery, chopped

Put all of them in a pot, simmer. Done. Eat. Delish.


Good weekend pps!



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  1. Enzo says:

    Those tomato cans are very high quality. Especially, Mutti and De Cecco.

    Source: an Italian living in Denmark 😉