They Win

When you can't predent Japanese Tourists

I’ve been in Denmark for years but still, today, I use my secret weapon…. pretend like a Japanese tourist.

It works quiet often, when some sales person come to me, or collecting signature, or want to talk about Jesus.

“I am a tourist… oh… no english… ”

But then!!!!!!!!!! this guy goes,  ” No problem, we’ve got a brochure….written in Japanese!!”

with a big smile. Impressively, he didn’t mix up with Chinese, correctly handed me a Japanese brochure about Jesus…. so, I ended up chatting with him for a few minutes….

He wins.

well at least it’s been a super sunny day.



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  1. Line says:

    I had the exact same experience when I was living in Japan – always pretending not to speak Japanese if I didn’t want to be disturbed. But when I tried to get rid of some people talking about Jesus by telling them, “Danish, no Japanese!”, they just proceeded to show me a 5 minute video about Jesus in Danish. Well played.