The Reason why I like Danish Winter

Vinter i Danmark

Things happen when you are not prepared for.

My one of the life lessons I have learned….

I work from home, so basically I don’t have to look beautiful. I wear ugly clothes. Socks. Hair, no bother.
Winter is awesome in Denmark because it’s so cold, that everything can be hidden under my thick winter jacket and pants.

In the perfect world, I’d have known in advanced that I had to take them off at someone’s house.

My Japanese friend in Tokyo, she was on a date with a hot guy.
They hit it off, it was a romantic sexy atmosphere…..  but alas, she had to turned him down.


Because, she didn’t shave her legs.
It was my friend, with tears, who taught me this lesson:

Things soooo happen when you aren’t prepared!!

Can you relate to this fabulous quote?


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