SuperDry (極度乾燥しな)さい SuperStrange design and How Japanese sees it


I’m going to stand for all the Nihonjin (japanese people) who lives in Denmark / Europe / USA.

I’m gonna talk about SuperDry (極度乾燥しな)さい!!!!!!!

This, super cool fashionable clothe company from UK. ↓↓

The company’s design is COOL but ….. SOOOO WEIRD, like engRish! 

(I said it!) 

What do I mean?
Well….. Let’s take a look!

I will make a Strange level, so that people can see the weirdness of their design. 8) Strange Level 1 -10.
1 is okay, 10 is unbelievably strange.


First – their logo. Strange Level : Max 10

SuperDry – yes, it means, Super – extreme Dry – Dry, like you know, something like hair dryer.

They put this in  Japanese as 極度乾燥しな(さい)= pronounce as kyokudo Kanso ShinaSai. 


they probably used Google Translate, it makes sense but weird way…. if someone say that in normal life, like mom, telling me during doing laundry

” Koko! 極度乾燥しなさい。”

I’ll be like ” uh… are you okay mom? you sound like some foreign mad science professor at Tokyo University who barely speaks Nihongo.”

(sorry, I really don’t know how to put this. This is just too strange…)

We just don’t use the word 極度 Kyokudo, unless it’s … news or newspaper or something serious officials.

Asashi SuperDry Beer

My guess is that the name, SuperDry comes from Japanese beer company’s brand.

I’ve heard that founders of SuperDry actually went to Tokyo as an inspiration trip.

They probably went to Izakaya one night,
talking about potential business…. had to come up with logo and tagline..

And a guy was looking at his beer in his hand.

It’s…ASAHI SuperDry!!!!!!

(tada—! This is i!)

It’s one of the best selling beers in Japan.  ASAHI BEER official site

You can buy here , if you’re curious! (ships worldwide.)

LOGO, fail

Btw I just had to take a pic. @ London Stansted Airport.
They’re missing 1 hiragana.

Now it means – SuperDry NOT. 

極度乾燥(しな い)    そうです。

SuperDry CM

Johnny Depp and Masaharu Fukuyama (<– he’s hot but unfortunately married recently!)

Okay, let’s move on to T-shirt design.

Strange level 3 – perfect for Oil Rich Countries

Already strange level 3 – here we go.

Car Smooth Oil T-shirt

The weird thing about this T-shirt, is that yeah, I can read their Kanji. Makes sense, but it doesn’t make a sense as a whole set.

First part is 自動車、jido-sha, which means Cars.  That’s okay.

Next…. 潤滑??????

I can understand the meaning of those 2 kanjis, but if it put together the meaning become meaningless.

潤 – watered, moistened, richen,

滑 – smooth, slicky

Together – 潤滑…. smoothe richen?
I don’t quite understand, but I am guessing ” cars are filled up rich oil” or something like that??

 Could be a perfect T-shirt for Oil-rich countries.

Strange level 5  – perfect for eye doctor’s appointment

Eye/ Today T-shirt,

Some Japanese out there please help me explaining.
This T-shirt is like Japanese version of wearing some EngRish T-shirts,

just simply doesn’t make sense.

I’m wondering if they are actually using Chinese Kanji ????
( In China they use a lot of Kanjis that are not used in Japan, so maybe I’m just not familiar with those. )


eyes XXXXX Today.

Could be a great T-shirt when you go see a eye doctor.

Strange level 10  –  OSAKA MEMBERSHIP

OSAKA T-shirt

Someone please kill me.
What the heck is this T-shirt!?

yeah dude, you’re looking hot, but you confuse me.


what memberships are you talking about??
and Why why Osaka???

what kind of membership – like gym, or video store, or???

and, why did they put last hiragana, な=NA??????

会員証な=mambership, right? membership, it is.

by adding “NA” makes it so much more confusing, we want to know the context!

Very confused Japanese and kakkoii gaijin.

Imagine this.
You’re visiting Tokyo.

You noticed something strange….

a lot of hip cool Japanese locals are wearing Tshirt like this:

Medlemskab ikke


Now see how I feel? 😉

This T-shirt is perfect if you are going to a video-rental shop (if you can find…so old fashion now…) or gym in Osaka. Customers will automatically show you their membership card.


Funny story:
I’ve seen some Japanese ‘fashionable’ people wears it sometimes
– they don’t sell in Japan, so they import from USA or Europe.
They know they will get laugh in Japan but to them it’s a joke-but-still cool-design.

I do agree that design is pretty cool though.

Well now I explained, you understand the meanings.
Are your co-workers / friends wearing SuperDry now?
Send this URL to them 😉

I do think its design is pretty cool and fashionable! just don’t wear it if you’re traveling to Japan… NA? な?

Cheers to engRish!!


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