How to know if Summer has come to Scandinavia

YES! Vegetables. That’s the key.

Screw looking at calendar. It won’t do anything for you. If you really want to know if Summer has come to your country – Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland – check the size of the vegetables at grocery stores! This is what I have learnt after living in Denmark for years,  it’s the 100% accurate sign, yo!

Let me show you the proof.↓↓↓↓↓↓

Look・ at・ this!!!!!!!   A fat, heavy, green-sparkling spiskål !!!!!!  (spiskål= it’s kinda cabbage) I had to carry this in my hand as it was too big for my bag.

I put a milk carton next to it so you see how huge this guy is. This 1kg cabbage was 15dkk, about $2, what a great price!!

During the winter this cabbage becomes 1/4 of the size…. and the color is less green. But the price goes up. Vegetables in winter, I must say they are a bit sad…

Scandinavia Summer is the best!!! If you are considering traveling to Scandinavia COME IN THE SUMMER. summer summer summer, I’m telling you!


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