Summer Punch

What’s going on in Japan?

I heard that it made a record of 38°C a few days ago. 38, ladies and gentlemen.
And unlike dry-heat, it gets humid in Japan. It’s like you’re in sauna.
This is just pure fucked up.

I remember we WOWed when it got over 30+°C when I was a child, growing up in Japan. Yes, decades ago. But these days it’s normal to be over 30°C, some days over 35°C.  I really, really believe … or rather,  I _know_ that that global warming is happening.

I became curious so I checked the Japan Meteorological Agency website to see how the temperature has been raising. Here is the result.   You can see the history of 175 years.

In 1875 August – Japan’s daytime average temp was 24.9°C.

In 2017 it’s 27.01°C.

It’s hard to feel global warming if you live in Northern Europe… but getting a summer-punch from Japan I realized that it is really happening.  (-_-)….

Where are you from? Does your country get hot too, or has been raising temperature?



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  1. SSJ says:

    In Eastern and Southern Europe temperatures get even higher. This past month in Romania it often went over 40°C, even up to 43°. Spain has it even worse…