Spring Rain

Here is my new scream: KUAAAAAAAA!!!

Sorry it’s been a while- I’ve been sick again.

I have been sick almost the entire month this year. I really hope to get better and ready for beautiful Spring.

Speaking of beautiful, it’s been raining today in Denmark. Ahhhh…. I love spring rain. It’s so beautiful and peaceful, that I can just enjoy this atmosphere.

I want to introduce you a little bit of Japanese name, “Spring Rain.” Yes, we call rice noodle Spring Rain, Harusame – 春雨 – in Kanji. I always like the name with the food.

Here I want to share my favorite Harusame Salad recipe! It goes well with steak or any other meat dish because it’s so refreshing and light.

<Harusame Salad for 2 people> (very easy!)

Recipe from Kamada SoySauce company 
(they ship international! Check out their English page.)

30g Harusame
50g cucumber
2 slices of Ham

2 TBS (Table Spoons) of Japanese soysauce
2 TBS white vinegar
2 TBS Sugar
2 TBS Sesami oil (be sure to buy roasted sesami oil)

  1.  cook harusame
  2.  mix sauce ingredients
  3.  thin slice cucumber and ham
  4.  mix all together in a bowl

*It’s also delicious to add some wakame seaweed too!

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