SIGR -Danish skin care products! Great for gift and souvenir

Men should take care of their skin too

Men are same humans as women.
They have all rights to take care of their skin as well!

Me say. It may sounds a bit odd as skincare products usually refer to women, but hey! we live in 2018, we need to shift our minds!

Especially if you shave often,
you need a good skincare product to protect you after shave.

Today I want to talk about SIGR,
a Danish start-up company who makes mens’ skincare products!

Inspired by Scandinavia – perfect gift and Danish souvenir

SIGR, pronounce as “Si-re”, means Victory in old Viking language.
As you can guess, this products is born in Aarhus Denmark,
inspired by Nordic Feeling.

SIGR products are prefect for women too. Don’t be fooled by name.
I’m using it everyday!
If you’re looking for useful and Made in Scandinavia for Valentine’s Day present/ Birthday present ——–

Also they say Made in Scandinavia on their product.
If you’re looking for a perfect DANISH souvenir, this is it.

check out SIGR’s webshop.


How I got to know SIGR?

I was walking a street, I saw a car parked… and this got caught my eyes.

SIGR Nordic feeling

It had a VERY interesting tagline!

SIGR Nordic feeling

What’s Mens’ Skincare???
Is that for Dragqueen?

Mens Skincare / cosmetic products are becoming popular in Japan nowadays.

Is the wave coming to Denmark, too!?

I decided to email them and asked about their products.

Very nice of them,  Kristian – the CEO of the company responded.
We decided to meet at a cafe so that he can show me his products.
SIGR Nordic feeling

Do you have aftershave skin problems?

According to Kristian, he used to have skin problem after he shaves…..
when he puts mens’ aftershave his skin got very sore and sensitive,
and sometimes he’s got those red small spots…

SIGR Nordic feeling

At that time, he couldn’t find any good aftershave care products on a market.
That was the reason why he wanted to start own products:

He wanted something more organic and gentle to skin. 

This is how SIGR was born.

SIGR products close-up

Alright, Let’s look at SIGR products.

As I said it’s inspired by Nordic (Scandinavia), it does have the feeling – and smell of Scandinavia forrest!!!!  

Smell, is hard to explain but it’s very refreshing, cold, and clean…. this is sooo scandinavia feelings!

SIGR Face Wash

This is a face wash.

SIGR men's skincare

Clean loose texture like “thick” water.

And oh yeah. this nice smell…it’s like some aroma, clean and “forrest” smell.
SIGR men's skincare

Face Moisturizer

This is moisturizer, Unlike face wash this one is white and creamy texture.
This is something you want to put after shaving for men.
For women, I usually put it before going to sleep / morning after face wash.

SIGR men's skincare

Body Lotion

SIGR is not stingy … it’s got lots of cream 250g!
You apply after shower. Very smooth on your skin.

SIGR men's skincare

SIGR men's skincare

Thanks for reading this!

I like start-ups and always want to support them!
Kristian thank you for meeting with me, and I wish you very good luck of your business!

Check out SIGR’s website  – you will be happy with their products. 🙂

They ship within 24 hours!



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