Temperature Difference

Our problem.


Is this only my problem??
I’ve found out gaijins always have higher temperature than me.

They take a cold shower…. and I wonder if they enjoy it, or going through a buddha waterfall training.
To me shower has to be hot, the bath-water has to be hot,
the shower room has to be so steamy afterwards.

if it’s below 40°C – I don’t call it shower ;P


We’re lucky to have a nice indian summer but winter is coming no matter.
How does a ski trip sound? (and get a hot shower afterwards!!)

===>>Book a ski-trip and get a big discount, yay!


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  1. Tine says:

    Actually, I have heard that Asians in general DO have a lower body temperature. This also explains how you can have a fever in Japan with a body temperature of 37 degrees, while that is considered the normal body temperature in the West 🙂