Scandinavian Winter


No matter how long I live in Denmark, It always surprised me to see how dark it is in the morning during the winter.  Scandinavian winter is daaaaaark. It’s dark that it can mess your body clock system!

In Japan people complain it’s dark in the morning too, but man…..Japanese winter is nothing compare to Scandinavian darkness!!

But to be honest…. I don’t mind Danish winter. (what, what?!)
Maybe it’s my personality- but when it’s dark it makes me calm and focus better on work. Even better if it’s raining because I love the rain sound. (ok, as long as I don’t have to go outside. )


(During the winter it helps to look at the energy light. – right!?)

darkwinter05 In 2009-2010 I watched this anime, Tegami-Bachi (English: Letter Bee). This anime’s story took a place on a planet where there is no sun.
I wonder if they got inspired by Scandinavian winter!?!?

It was an interesting anime.

It’s good to be lazy + hygge when it’s dark winter. Click here to buy lazy goodies! 😉


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