Sad blanket in a perfect day in Denmark

This cartoon got a bit long, so I separate to 2 images. Keep reading, there will be more cartoons blow.

Don’t you just love the fresh, “sun” smell of blankets!? They are pure heaven. You know you can sleep so well in them.

It was sunny beautiful weekend in Denmark, and the sky was forever-blue. It was almost too bright to look outside from the window.

A simply perfect day for drying my futon outside!

So quickly did washing my blanket, I even put sun block cream, went to a courtyard.
I was so looking forward to sleeping in a fresh blanket.

until 1 hour later.

Then disaster started.

But!!!!!  I learned to be positive like Danes. So I bring up my hope, and said ;

…Today I’ve learnt that even positive attitude can’t win over Danish weather.
Danish weather is unbeatable, unprotectable, unfightable. So people !!!!!! Here are my advice if you want to dry your clothes outside.

1) Don’t just judge the current weather, it can really change to hell in 3 minutes.
2) Always risk that your clothes can get soaking wet.
3) Check your neighbours – are they hanging outside? Do as locals do, if they hang outside, the chance is pretty safe. If nobody is hanging, don’t.

I should have known better…. nobody was out there hanging clothes when I put my futon out…… doh.

So at the end of this story, I went outside, picked up the soggy, drenched, heavy as rock futon. I’ve never thought that futon can be so depressing.



….The image of my sad futon hanging outside in the rain for 2 days. (in a big courtyard, only my futon was there… cry)

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  1. Morten says:

    Haha, you should have seen my mum when I was a kid, running out of the house to get the washing inside the second it started raining.

  2. Inger says:

    Act like a sailor, check your weather app. Or rather, check several, because they make mistakes, too!

    dmi byvejr
    dmi vejr