The Danish Royal Family cartoon and The Japanese Emperor

I’m not that into any Royal Families of any countries…, like, I don’t follow their updates nor news, nor read gossip magazines, to me they are… “just” The Royal Families.

So my knowledge is limited about this topic, but I drew a cartoon of at least what I know about The Danish Royal Family. I think it’s pretty unique. 🙂
(ok, I don’t know if Prince Frederik really said “How YOU doin”. )

One thing I was very surprised about Denmark, is how open The Danish Royal Family is. The distance between The Royal Family and normal citizens like us is rather short, and they seem to be more… normal ‘human’ like us.

Cool that Asian woman was once joined their family too. (she’s divorced now)
I bet you 100kroner that she was having delicious Dim Sum on weekend morning at a palace!  I’d have been very much like to joined her brunch… ahh.

A little news. Today Prince Naruhito is coming to Denmark, for 150 year friendship anniversary between Denmark and Japan. I hope he’ll enjoy the stay in Denmark!

Will someone send him my cartoon links, so that he can read during his flight?  =>>

Oh yeah…

I have an interesting story to tell you.

Years ago, I was at a cafe in Tokyo. I was chatting with the cafe owner.
She said to me…. ” Koko I have a crazy story to tell you!”

One day, she was walking a narrow street.
Then a black car coming behind her slowly…

She moved to the side, to let the car go.

As the car was passing by, the window was rolling down….

If was the Japanese Emperor and his wife.

As the car passing by, they started bowing her,  (meaning “Excuse Us”)

She was extremely surprised and shocked, who’d imagine that the Emperor Family was in a car!!!  …and she liked their polite attitude very much.

If it was Danish Royal Family, they may have offered her a ride? I wonder 😉


sumo hugs,

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