Revised Culture-Shock. What was I surprised at in Tokyo?

revised culture shock Japanese in Tokyo

Mostly – BREAD!!!!  I felt culture-shock.
In Japan majority of bread are white and soft, which is 180degrees different than Denmark / Scandinavia.

<<Shokupan White Bread for Breakfast>>

I love Shokupan. Whenever I go back to Japan, when I see Shokupan in the morning, I fetl like, “ah, I am home.”

But this time I was laughing myself,
because when I was eating shokupan…. suddenly,  bunch of Danish people popped out in my head, screaming,

“Oh, My, Goooooood!!! Those shokupan bread is white AF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will Die!!!!!!  ”


For those who don’t know Shokupan, it’s a popular Japanese bread, squared shaped and usually eaten for breakfast. Yup, they are white, like, snow. or tofu.

But I bet those Danish expats in Japan, would miss dark, hard bread in Denmark –  you CAN buy those but you need to go to a very special bakery stores in Tokyo, like, German Bakery some sort.

Now I wonder—-
Where does White Bread Culture begins in Europe? Like, where is a border line that counties eat dark bead vs white bread? Anyone knows?
I remember my Spanish friends eat white bread…

<<Expensive Fruits in Japan >> 

Z became 1 random sick while in Tokyo. He wanted to eat some strawberries, so my mom went to buy it. (Thanks mom!)

She came back with a beautiful, shiney strawberries …. which cost 700 yen for 7 pieces. Yup my friend, 1 strawberry – 100 yen – about 6 Dkk. 

Z enjoyed eating those strawberries – well, he’d better! Or I’d have eaten his left overs. Not gonna waste 100yen strawberry.

Fruits in Japan is very, very expensive …. did I tell you how much I had missed Oranges from Netto?

There are more reviced culture-shocks I had! I will try to draw more cartoons about it, coming days.


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