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Some people had asked me questions regarding tools I use for this blog.

I’d like share what I use & what I recommend!
If you’re interested in starting a blog, ( cheap ) continue on reading this page!

Hosting Company

Hosting Company – I’m using UnoEuro for more than 2 years and I’ve been very, very happy with them!

Their service comes on Danish, English and Swedish.
Whenever I have problems or questions, they usually answer within a few hours.
Pretty impressive.

And… cost!!!!!! It’s the best part. It’s literally 1euro (unoeuro) a month.
Check out UnoEuro, I think you’ll like them 🙂

WordPress Theme

Theme at this moment I’m using Japanese free theme, called Simplicity.
I’ve been too lazy to customize the theme… but it’s very popular among Japanese bloggers because it’s so easy to customize.

I may change the theme in the future just for a change of pace, but I’m happy with Simplicity as is now.

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