Yes, we Asians are still annoying at a dinner table.
And Yes, I do know that Danish people have rather flat expression…

But I just can’t let it go, please please show me your wild reaction when you eat!!!

I watched some food anime before, where they have cooking-battles.

They always have crazy (and funny) judges who have the most over-the-top reactions.
(GIF from “yakitate Japan” )

So watching those anime, I start to assume that this is how people should react on my food :p

When you eat something good, just only “It tastes good” is not enough!!!
You need to erupt a mountain behind you and fly out to the space (and come back)!

Curious what I made Last night?
-Teriyaki Chicken,
-Spiskål(cabbage) salad
-DashiMaki Tamago (egg omlet with seaweed in)
-Japanese potato salad

You want some? Will you fly to the moon??






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  1. Tekla says:

    Uhh hvis du laver mad til mig en dag, så lover jeg, at mønstre en ukarakteristisk begejstret reaktion efter danske standarder. Nogle gange gør jeg andre danskere forlegne, fordi jeg er lidt for entusiastisk 😉

    Det bliver dog uden vulkaner og månerejser 😉

    Begejstrede hilsner Tekla