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Ponzu Japanese cooking

We’ve been having a miracle weather in Denmark, but yesterday I had another miracle story that I had to share!!!!!!

I saw… PONZU at a local store!!!!!!!!  Together with other “normal” ketchup, mayonnaise there was PONZU.  My heart was beating fast with excitement…is this a dream!? am I seeing an illusion?

No, It’s really, really Ponzu.   I had to text to all my Japanese friends about this as I’m buying 3 bottles.

Netto, you nailed it. Thank you so much for giving us a hope!!!!

What I cooked last night for dinner – super easy recipe!

Ponzu & Stir fry chicken veggie

  1. Cut up chicken into 1 bite
  2. Cover chicken with flour
  3. Thin-Slice yellow onion
  4. Chop cabbage (Spidskål)
  5. Reheat frying pan with corn oil or rapsolie
  6. Fry Chicken. When it’s crispy brown, add vegetable.
  7. Pour Ponzu over
  8. Eat and CryGreat to go with rice.Enjoy!!!!!
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