Penny Change Reaction


Before moving to Denmark I had lived and worked in America.
(Hey Seattle!!! Miss ya!!!)

You go shopping.
You pay.
Your change was only a penny – 1 cent.

What do people do?????

When I shopped in Tokyo I told the cashier person to keep it,
just like I did normally in America.
The Japanese cashier guy was surprised (or rather shocked?)
“NO customer!! I have to give you back, please accept it!”

I had an interesting cultural difference so I decided to draw it. ^^

I haven’t tried the same situation in Denmark yet.
What would they say to me??

What would people do, in your country??

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  1. Tommy says:

    When I worked as a clerk in Bilka, I wouldn’t be allowed to take the money. I think the situation you describe would be considered a tip, which we were clearly instructed never to accept (no matter how insistent a customer). We wouldn’t be able to simply put the excess cash in the register either, as this would show up as a mismatch (total cash doesn’t match total sales) at the end of the day, which could potentially get you terminated.

  2. Nadia says:

    If you gave them the equivalent of a penny? I’m pretty sure you would get a quite sarcastic “thank you” :/

  3. Julie says:

    I used to work as a cashier. Usually, we can’t actually keep it because that would cause a difference in the register, and sometimes in grocery stores we can’t keep if for ourselves either – there’s rules about this being potential theft from the store/customer. However, if there is a donation pot for some charity next to the register, I just put it in there, if the customer doesn’t do it by themselves 🙂