Why I’m scared of dentists

dentist expensive

One of the very surprising things about life in the West, is how expensive dentists are.

In Japan dentists don’t considered to be so expensive, I remember paying like $30 ~ 100 when I fix 1 cavity.   We could use national health insurance, that you’re only paying 30% of what they charge.

So I was shocked that in USA it costs a few hundred dollars (!!!) to fix a cavity.  It’s a famous horror stories among Japanese who are moving to abroad, how expensive dentists are in other counties.

All the Japanese try to fix their teeth before they’re going to USA.

However it was a pleasant surprise that I became very very satisfied about quality of dentists in America!! They’re pretty damn good. (expensive, but good )

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Well…. Denmark is not different than USA.

Dentists are not free for over +18. and, they’re expensive (as fuck).

I was surprised to hear about “Dental Treatment Package Deal”
where Danish and other Europeans travel to Thailand / Turkey / other places for dentists!

But now I see the point. If you have a good recommendation in other country let me know please?

At Danish dentists, I try to stay cool when I pay, but inside of heart I am weeping and screaming for fear.


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