Only in Summer Denmark

I’m Queen Koko. I have no mercy. Whoever against me, I throw them to a Koko Castle dungeon.   O~~~HOHOHOHOHO…..

(by the way, “Ohohoho” is a famous Japanese anime’s  ‘evil girl’ laughing.   )

No matter how long I live in Denmark, I can’t get used to this…. to look at such an empty town.

Not that many cars running on streets.
Not that many people walking.
Not that many stores look busy.

Wait, all the Denmark population could be at IKEA.
My friend went to IKEA today, she told me it was packed. Is this it maybe?

I thought of traveling somewhere, but hearing other places are 35C + ( Spain, 47C!?!?!? This is nuts), I decided to stay in cool and chill Scandinavia.

I like hot weather, but I also like not-so-hot weather where I don’t have to sweat like a pig at home.  Here I am, sitting at a table drawing cartoon, with green tea- it’s a good way to spend a summer day.

Do you live on a higher floors at apartments? Or do you know any nice view spots? If you do, I recommend to play King or Queen. It’s kinda fun. Only you can do that in July Denmark.



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