Only in Denmark in winter- Galaxy Express 999 anime episode

No matter how long I live in Denmark, I can’t get used to getting up to the dark morning ^^;  It’s surreal in fact, in Japan people complain how dark winter is but HA! I laugh at them – come see Denmark winter, that’s DARK.

But you can’t really keep angry about it…. Do you know Galaxy Express 999?

It’s one of the most popular anime series ( started back in  70s!) that has deep philosophy and message behind episodes.

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I remember watching 1 episode, that main characters – Maetel and Tetsuro travel to an planet that doesn’t have the sun.

So I play Maetel in the morning, here in Denmark, telling Z that the planet is dark…but one day we will have the sun…don’t give up the hope!!

Z has no idea what the hell I’m doing, but at least I have fun geeking out a bit.



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