Nailed It. -Bread tips I learned from ScandiAsia followers – thank you!

I asked for advice and help on my last post, then I got tons of responses on Facebook page.  Mange Tak, Thank you, Arigato!

After I read all of the answers and gathered information, I tried again.



I NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!!!  Look!!!!!!



No, I’m not gonna make just normal bread. I need to make something cool and fun for my son and other kids.

In Japan it’s popular to make kawaii shape bread, so I followed the trend….

Puppy Bread should be perfect for kids, right?

He looks innocent…

Nice fluffy texture… yeast worked so well!!!!

So what did I do different this time ? Actually only 2 things!

  1. I used fresh yeast.

In Denmark you can buy this fresh yeast for 50g, costs 1 kr. cheap. I used dry yeast last time, I think dry yeast just does a good job as raising, but my mistake was it was too old.  I didn’t think the dry yeast is going to bad……  so I went to a store to buy new one.  I think it was my main problem last time. (MALTESERKORS GÆRS you’re the best.)

 2. I kneaded for 5 minutes.

I skipped this part last time!!!!!!!  Can you believe it!?!? I somehow thought that this bread mixture, you only add yeast, water – boom, magic.

Well, there is no magic. You gotta use your arm and work for it.
So this time, I kneaded for good 5 minutes, just like what it says on the box.  

It’s my bad habit, I tend to skip some instructions. I need to pay attention more… urg.

Then, Then —- the dough raised!

Yaaay! The perfectly raised bread dough is like baby’s cheeks, what a joy to work with it.  If there are some people having trouble with bread making….  remember my mistakes 😉

Again, you, who responded to my question. Thank you so much, I’m super happy with my puppy bread. I am so looking forward to seeing my son and his classmates’ smile today!



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