The mystery of Danish Butter Cookies

The Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookie in Denmark

I’ve noticed that ScandiAsia’s audience are quiet international, which is SO awesome.  😀

I think almost, each country have a   ‘product – souvenir, food, etc etc’ that somehow very popular outside of your country, but you don’t really see them _in_ your country??

For example I was surprised to see Cup Noodles Tomato soup flavor in Denmark! I had never seen that in Japan.
Cup Noodles’s popular flavors are Curry, SeaFood, and Original.

Apparently some products are only targeted for certain areas.

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Speaking of Cup Noodles, If you’re in Yokohama visit their museum.
Looks fun  😀

(the pic was taken there, Cup Noodles is shoveling snow. He’s a good Cup Noodles.)  article here

cup noodle cleaning

I am not sure if The Royal Dansk Butter Cookie is targeted outside of Denmark?

My friends say they do sell in Denmark…. mystery. Maybe I just need to look better.

What is your country’s product that are popular outside of your country –  but you don’t see inland??


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  1. Nadia D. says:

    I think the reason why you can’t find them is that they’re slowly going out of fashion. They were EVERYWHERE when I was a kid, but now that you mention it, it’s been a while since I’ve seen them in a normal supermarket.
    These days, I think Danish people prefer cookies that are less dry 😛

    You can still find them in tourist-catering shops near Strøget in Copenhagen 😉

    • Koko says:

      Hi Nadia! Indeed tread does change, doesn’t it? My friend also found it at the airport too – it’s “the” Danish souvenir 🙂

  2. Piskeriset says:

    They’re sold in a cheap package in the supermarkets – the blue tin box i usually seen in the air port (where it is incredible expensive ;)).