Top 5 popular ScandiAsia shop items on Redbubble!

Hello you!

Did you know!? Not only cartoon drawings you can enjoy, but also products that my cartoons are printed on.

I have actually never talked about my products, so let’s go take a deep look 🙂 !

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 **I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

ScandiAsia Redbubble Shop ** why I chose them **

ScandiAsia Shop has been running on Redbubble, I chose them because

  • They don’t have minimum threshold of payment to artists.
    That’s pretty huge for me, because a lot of online marketplaces make minimum  threshold which can take a long time to achieve. Frankly speaking, I wanted to see my money fast!

  • I’ve heard a real customer’s positive experience with Redbubble.
    My friend had shopped there, she told me she was quite happy with them.
    She’s bought a T-shirt. Living in Denmark, she’s got shipping from Sweden, so it was fast to receive her order. She also says T-shirt quality was good too!

  • Awesome customer support
    They have Live Chat Support!!!!!!
    I hate speaking on the phone  ( “I hate phones” cartoon)  nor emailing back and forth.
    With Redbubble, you click on Live Chat (*selected time frame) or Tweet them, you get a immediate support. It’s just beautiful.

If you’re a creator, I strongly recommend to check out Redbubble for your online-shop.

Top 5 Popular Products!

Now let’s take a deep look.
What are the most popular products at ScandiAsia shop?!

#1. Arhus University D*ck Logo

This is one of my favorite cartoons too, however I have a sad news.
Someone complained saying the work violates their rights.

Maybe someone related to Arhus University, who knows, didn’t like it because it’s too true and every day they’re sick of seeing dick and a ball.
So the products are no longer available. Boo.

#2. Danish Winter

Danish Winter is the 2nd popular products!
You must agree with this drawing if you’ve experienced winter in Denmark,
the land of brutal winter…  just being cold is fine, but … it’s the WIND kills me!!!!!

#3. Little Goth-Loli Mermaid 

Little Goth-Lori Mermaid.
Last year was celebration of 150-year friendship between Denmark and Japan!
I decided to draw this, mixing both culture. The famous Andersen’s Little Mermaid x Japan Kawaii Culture, Gothic-lolita fashion. I’m otaku myself, so I had a great time drawing this anime-style sexy mermaid. Happy to see some of you guys like it, especially on T-shirts!

#4 Lazy is Good 

Lazy is good, is an original drawing for my shop 🙂
It’s my mentality. I feel like life is too busy sometimes, you need to be lazy.
It’s all good.

#5. Pass På Mig

Pas På Mig  , ( Watch out)

I like this street sign in Denmark. The original sign has a girl with a balloon,
but ScandiAsia’s version has….. a chick with a Danish flag as you can see!

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