Most difficult thing in Denmark


Oh, oh, before you call me baka (dumb) Let me say, I do know U is udgang= exsit.   K = basement, kælder.  But please take a look at this pic below!

I was at Aarhus Music Huset. I came in from the main entrance, and I wanted to go to this lower floor on the picture…. (it’s a beautiful building, btw. If you are in Aarhus be sure to visit!)

This is the elevator buttons….. eeeeeeh?!  ( <— Japanese surprise voice)


I had to ask for help (as usual, on elevator). The staff told me to press “2” . But..but I came in from the main floor, why 2 to go lower floor?  I was puzzled…

My smart husband explained to me later the system but still, confusing as my brain hurts.
Off topic:  when I was in Barcelona, my apartment hotel had a floor “P”.  According to a hotel staff, it means “Principle Floor”.
Isn’t P always P-chan from Ranma 1/2…      right?  😉
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