When the miracle hot weather continues in Denmark

hot weather in Denmark

Our miracle weather continues in Denmark. Crazy.
It’s been like that for almost…3? 4 weeks!?!?!

We’re breaking the records!

And you know what ? We, people who live in Denmark are not used to having a hot weather continuously for weeks….. so this is what’s happening to us now.

We feel like we’re having a summer holiday!!!!!!!!

All we want to do is go to the beach or park, lay down get sun tanned (not me, no thank you, ) enjoy this beautiful weather when it lasts…

And maybe this is such a special weather, maybe your boss will give a GO for a day off. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

Fans  on sale for home use! …but I’m still hoping the public busses in Aarhus will install something like this. Busses are like 35c inside here.
Some cool Beach items for sale –  UV cut beach parasol  
Fish Sandals (look gross but fun) or Spikeball for beach fun!

Enjoy the summer!!


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  1. Jesper Jesnsen says:

    Is too hot Koko