Mini Happiness

In Denmark apartments, most of the times people hang clothes in the shared drying room, in the basement.

You know it’s sad that you carry down heavy laundry to the basement, using the stairs, and the room is full.

I feel like my life is ruined.

But this week, the drying room is empty because it’s a holiday week in Denmark.

Ah, cheers to the empty laundry room!!!!
I can be a laundry queen.

Need a “Blade Runner” feeling hotel in Tokyo?
Check APA-Hotel Shinjuku-Kabukicho Tower on
This hotel is a new built,  has a good price in a “interesting” location – in Kabukicho.  I’d say this area is not for everybody. It’s a 24 hour-awaken red-light district, very busy and bustling, where you see all sorts of night life of Japan, that may be…hum, too much for small kids. Not ideally for family, but I recommend if you are a couple or friends who’s looking for a hotel in a underground-ish areas in Tokyo.

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