Midnight Sun in Scandinavia

Summer Denmark (or any other Scandinavian countries) is crazy.
It just doesn’t get dark. It’s bright until 10pm – 11pm, then kinda, soooort of, slllllllightly gets dark, then get bright again after 4am. Party on.

It’s a good idea not to sleep under the sky. My husband is right, I will only get 2 hours sleep and grumpy sleepy zombie next day.

On the other hand, I am always surprised how dark it gets in Japan. It’s dark by 8pm even in the summer!!!  You feel Antarctic circle if you travel between Denmark and Japan in the Winter or Summer, it’s really bizarre
(Antarctic circle — Is this correct to say?? I have no idea. I just googled it. You know the earth is tilted. )

When I have a friend traveling to Scandinavia in summer, I always advice them to bring an eyemask. They laugh at me, they don’t believe me, but usually they end up being thankful to me.

Continue to enjoy the summer!



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