Let’s learn Japanese! New Japanese Saying and …my mistake as a native speaker

Hello!  Today it’s about Japanese language learning : new saying.

– and…even though you’re native speaker and you think you know your own language,  you still make mistakes…..

Let’s go!

My kind mother-in-law ( hej Kaja!) , she like to make Z happy. (Don’t all the grandparents?) She often asks me if I am missing anything for Z…. so I asked her to buy another pair of jeans that she bought.

But …. maaaan it’s not easy to describe clothes.
In my mind I was perfectly explaining but not to her.

So I digged a pile of laundry and there I found them,
showed to her —- bingo! The problem has been solve in 3 seconds.

ATTENTION! Don’t make a mistake like I did.

Before drawing this cartoon, I thought  HYAKUBUN meant 100 words….but I was wrong. It means 100 listening

The problem was, they are both same pronunciation, but different meaning.
Don’t you hate that when this happens?

Actually 100 listening is the same kanji as Newspaper,
directly translate to New Listening. = 新聞。

So yeah, be careful with that part.
it doesn’t mean 100 words words but 100 times listening. 

I’m Japanese but there are still a lot of things I didn’t know about my language….

Let’s continue to study together, eh?

Does your country have the same saying?


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