Learn Japanese with 3 year old. “~mitai = looks like”

If you guys want to know what’s unchi, read here –>Unchi and Japanese Kids


You’ll be surprised how much detailed kids are looking at.

Waaaay more than you think.

We have a close friend named Christina, whom Z is very found of. ( hey btw, are you any getting better from sick??)

Z put on new jeans. …Then he says:

(Kuristi-na mitai! Looks like Christina!) 

I laughed but at the same time amazed, because I didn’t think Z would remember her jeans. (we saw her a few days ago)

So DO NOT underestimate kids….THEY REMEMBER. almost everything

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Today’s Japanese phrase

~ mitai.  = looks like 

Don’t we all know that soft serve is a white version of poop?

Soft Serve wa unichi mitai desu. = ソフトクリームはウンチみたいです。
Soft cream looks like poop. 

Note! Soft Serve = soft cream = sofuto kuri-m in Japanese. Nobody would understand soft serve in Japan 😉

Past tense, simply add “~deshita” at the end!

Soft Serve wa unchi mitai deshita. = ソフトクリームはウンチみたいでした。
Soft cream looked like unchi. 

Good thing nobody understand Japanese there….

More poop story? Read here

That’s all for today!


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