My speech and Thank you KōyōCon

Hey guys!  Domo!

So as I said on Facebook page I was invited to make a speech at KōyōCon
this past weekend.

KōyōCon is a Japanese pop-culture convention ( anime, cosplay, games, etc etc) where 500? 600? fans gathered in Grenå, once a year.

I was excited when Louise, one of an organizer staff asked me to make a speech about cultural differences between Denmark and Japan.  ^_^

I said sure, it’s gonna be hygge!

Like this.


Reality: ↓↓↓

When I got to KōyōCon I was escorted to this room.

“You didn’t tell me it’s gonna be this big ass room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg omg omg ” 

oh my god.
Did I get nervous? Of course I did.

But as soon as I started talking, this nervousness slowly went away,
and towards the end I was enjoying some conversation with attendees.

To me it was HUGE meaning that I could meet my followers in person and speak with them, because I usually only meet them online.

It was a great experience!!!!!!
I’m honor that as Japanese person living in Denmark, I got to talk about 2 cultures and my perspective of life in Denmark.

It also made me happy that I could “breathe” otaku/geekness atmosphere, that’s something I had miss since became a mom.  (no time to watch anime unfortunately!)

Everybody I met was SO NICE – so so so nice.
Well they are otaku people (my kind people).   No way we can’t get along ^_^

Dear KōyōCon,

Thank you very much for inviting me!
It was pleasure to attend to your event, and I Hope your next year’s big success again!!

Domo Arigato &
Tusind Tak!!!!!!!

(Now I start to watch Yuri on Ice, after Z goes to bed. Anime time!)

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