Kind Notice

It was totally unexpected.
Unexpected that a good looking Danish man picked up toilet paper for me,
unexpected that bag broke and I lost half of them.

But the most unexpected was the guy, who saw an Asian woman walking around dropping toilet papers everywhere.

You don’t really see that often.

…..the bottom of the bag broke.  This sucks.

But I really want to thank to the guy,
you know it’s so nice when someone gives you a kind notice?!?
In Denmark I experience quite often that people let you know,
if you drop something.

Oh if I may say.. another kind notification that I’d really like,
is when my bag is open!

Yes it’s my fault,
but sometimes stupid me forgets to close a backpack,
and happily walk around.
(don’t you do that, too sometimes?!)

Then I get so embarrassed when I get home, to see the bag is open.
And get worried if I lost something from inside.

So if you see someone (me) walking with bag open….. please do tell!!!!!

About the half-lost toilet paper bag, I don’t know what to do.
Should I go back (15mins walk!) to the store to exchange or ignore it?
My husband thinks I shouldn’t bother, since it was only $3.

There is a Japanese saying,


meaning if you laugh at a penny, you will cry over a penny.
Money is money, don’t fail to appreciate it even it’s a small amount.

I think I will tell them next time I go to Førtex,
but I don’t have time to go back just for that right now.

Well, I will probably need to go there soon,
since I could only use half the toilet papers.


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  1. おとうさん says:

    あら~ 大変だったね。