KAMI – when a word has so many different meanings

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Language is funny.
A word has several different meanings – usually completely different meanings!

In a previous episode, UNCHI,    I showed you how Z does his business and how mother ( me! ) cheers. This is a story right after.

It’s paper.  In Danish, Papir.  In Japanese, Kami.

I said to Z that I’d rip some kami for him, but he thought I was calling the object wrong. He points his hair,

“No mama, kami, kore!”   ( mama, hair, this) ,

he tried to correct me.

That’s damn right my son. but I am also damn right.

I tried to explain that “kami” meaning both paper and hair….

“Z, listen. This is Kami. but this is Kami, too….”

but it was too confusing for 3 year old.
Yeah of course, it’s the same spelling and  ( almost ) same pronunciation.  Heck I was getting confused myself while explaining.

So I came to think….. maaan, KAMI has actually 3 meanings.
Even their tones are similar. I wouldn’t understand if someone just says “kami!” to me, I’d go “huh?

We could only manage to understand those words if they are in sentences.

What does your native language word have same meaning?



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