Denmark’s July mystery

Not only in Denmark, but Europe —- usually people take WEEKS of vacation during the summer.  Me, coming from Japan and USA, I was quiet shocked at first.

“So many business is closed. How the heck does the country go around?!”

I really didn’t understand – well I still don’t –  how it’s possible.

In July Denmark cafes, restaurants, streets, shops – everywhere is empty and closed.

Does country’s GDP go down in the summer??  Does Denmark have economy crisis when people stop working?

I don’t know about GDP, but what I can tell is that Nope, I don’t feel economy crisis because people stop working for 2 weeks.   Denmark is still going around!!

This is what I’ve learned from Denmark.
Country doesn’t go bankrupt even though people take 2 weeks off. 

It’s pretty much the same thing for France, Germany, Sweden, other European countries – isn’t it?

Listen up JAPAN! USA! CHINA! CHILE! – and other countries who works way too much. Did you hear me? People can take 2 weeks summer vacation, and yet the country will go around. So get a fucking break.

Maybe my conclusion is extreme. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe the country does make a big debts during the summer. But I’ve seen how Denmark for years, I haven’t felt any economy conflict because of summer vacation.

In general people in USA, ASIA, Latin America, humm….ok, pretty much everywhere in the world. You guys work too long and too much.

Life / Work balance, hello?



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