July in Denmark

That’s how I feel like in July Denmark. ( I wanted to draw my son and husband as survivors too, but didn’t have time to draw extra today)

In Denmark, July is the holiday season. Everybody says fuck off to work, hop on a car, airplane, bike, and disappear. Suddenly the town is empty. You feel like you’re in a ghost town in a movie…. you shout, “HELLO!? anybody there??” but all you hear is your voice echo.  HELLO…Hello…hello…..

Me? Nah, no plans this summer.
I’m just staying in town saving money. Maybe I go traveling in Fall or Winter, somewhere tropical and beautiful. I’m patiently waiting  “my turn” will come, and post bunch of vacation pictures in November to make everybody jealous…. kakaka

(me, sitting in front of a computer with a conspiracy)

Oh yes. If you noticed, this is a bit different drawing style. I made this years ago, for this cartoon ↓↓

How I felt of Sundays in Denmark.;)

Enjoy the summer everyone!

I will keep drawing and working during the summer, so hope you will check out my blog once in a while.



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