Japanese Valentine’s Day

Remember I drew cartoon of New Years and Christmas in Western countries and Japan?
So this is yet another ‘reversed’ event in Japan – Valentine’s Day!! Feb 14th!

I was a bit surprised to know that more men buy presents to women on V-day.
Or more exchange cards and gifts between women.

I remember having so much fun making choco cake with friends a day before V-day,
talking about how to give, what to say…. and what if he accepts, or he denies our confessions….hahah, ahhh, sweet young memories!!

Yes yes, it’s all commercial, I know, but why not enjoy it if you have fun?
For those interested in Japanese V-day, bizarre present for your friend or lover, here is my picks!

Kit-Kat Sake Flavor– You read it right. It’s Sake Flavored Kit-Kat.

Pokemon Choco  Because it’s Pokemon

Other Valentine’s Day items


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