Japanese Snacks (and recommendation for beer)

A cartoon I drew for my other site flyingdiaper.com.  (Though I’m closing that down when the domain expires, merging to ScandiAsia.)

Do you like Japanese snacks!? Do you like kawaii packagings!? Do you like weird-but addictive taste?  (don’t be afraid, they are not THAT weird. maybe some are weird.)

Hell yeah!

Japan has dozens of good, funcky, fun snacks and today I’d like to introduce you some.

If you are in Europe just simply try this set.

Japanese Snack Set

It has Happy Turn, shown very back, red and orange package. It’s one of the most popular snacks from Japan- sometimes people calls it “Drug Snack”. Meaning you can’t stop once you start eating….
And other kawaii snacks come along, so the price is fairy good for what they are all together, I think.

Which Japanese Snacks go well with Beer? 

I know you gaijins love beer! BEEEEEER.
If you are having a party why not throw some Japanese snacks together with beer, instead of almonds or crackers or other ‘normal’ stuff.  Be unique!


here are my recommendations.

KAKIPI snack series.

Ume Flavor 

Wasabi Flabor

Dried Squid BABY!!!  But I couldn’t find it on online store. Squids look weird but it has a lot of umami in, the more you chew the more flavor comes out…mmm!

Well this was a quick introduction of Japanese snacks. I feel a bit weird talking about beer’s snacks, after kids story, but it’s alright.

Be careful, as the cartoon shows, you may become a Japanese next day if you eat too much. Warned ya.



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