Japanese New Year | How Japanese feel about western New Year….

Just like my previous cartoon, there are things that you can never get used to, even though you live abroad for ages.
>> Only in Denmark Winter – anime play

I actually have been living abroad for… hummmm almost more than half of my life, (daaaamn.) and how to spend New Year in western countries – is something I just can’t get used to.

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People start a (new) life from January 2nd!!!!! (unless weekend.)
To me this is absolutely nuts. Aren’t people supposed to enjoy their New Year holiday until latest January 3rd!?
For example my nephew’s school in Tokyo – they’re closed until January 7th.
My friends work start from January 3rd….

I called Z’s kindergarten and told them that Z was coming from January 4th.😅
They probably think I’m strange, but my mind doesn’t just work during Dec 31- Jan 3.

(You may enjoy another cartoon episode about this)
>>Japan and Europe/America, revised holidays.

It’s probably the same for westerners who live in Japan, (are there any out here following this blog?)

Doesn’t it suck to work on Dec 24 – 25 in Japan???
My sympathies.


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  1. Lol! I had no idea about this part of Japanese culture. We Westerners don’t know how to relax sometimes xD