Japanese mask in Denmark

wearing a japanese mask

I didn’t know until I moved out of Japan – that, masks are not common at all in western countries. Nor in Africa, Latin America, people just don’t wear a mask!

My parents are mask lovers, as soon as they hear my sneezing, they usually go,

Wear a mask!!!

(They always have ca.100 masks in stock at home. really)

so I have masks in Denmark, at my home, and I want to wear it when I go pick up Z because I don’t want other kids to get sick, you know?

When Z was at daycare (Voggestue) I wore a mask onetime. I felt like I understand Celebrities feeling. Kids. Just. Stared. Me.

They even came to me, to see what I was hiding in my mask!

Z is in kindergarten now.  Question is,…. should I wear a mask? or not? Those kids, they are older and man they talk. I am expecting being questions like million times, so maybe better safe not to wear a mask…. hummm!



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