Let’s learn Japanese with 3 year old | Is it painful?

japanese language tips nihongo lesson with cartoon. how to say are you okay? and little painful

My son, Z is 3 year-old, he has been picking up our languages – Danish, English and Japanese.

It’s A-mazing to see his progress.  You know what I noticed about how kids acquire a language?

It’s copying.  It’s repetition. 

He doesn’t know grammar or spelling, it’s not that important.

When a situation occurs, he says the word that matches to the situation.  So yeah, there are some words that he doesn’t say correctly but still understandable. He will get there one day.

I am thinking it may be helpful those who are studying Japanese, or want to learn, or will need to use it ( because you’re traveling to Japan or you get Japanese lover  (hey, lucky you! ;), ) .  Learn Japanese with cartoon with story-telling.

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So today’s lesson, is how to say “Are you okay?”  and how to answer.

Daijoubu = 大丈夫 = Are you Okay? 

Remember I’m speaking casual Japanese, so if it’s polite, then you need add “desuka?” at the end… like this:


To answer this you can say:

Chotto Itai = hurst a bit
Totemo Itai = hurts a lot 

or, if you’re fine,

Daijoubu = 大丈夫 = (yes,) I’m okay. 

And again, add “desu” at the end if it’s polite.

There are many more ways to answer – like Sugeeee Itai! or Cho Itai! but they’re rather slang so I’ll skip those for now.

Sub-culture in Japan.
Some otaku (geeks) transform their cars to the extreme level. They’re called ITA-SHA, 痛車, Painful-cars.  Because they are so so geek that they are just so painful / and their cars are painful to see 😉

Lamborghini Diablo – Itasha  for example.
I dunno nothing about cars, but …. isn’t it sorta expensive?

Ja-ne! I hope today’s lesson helps!

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