Japanese Embassy in Copenhagen

Japan Embassy Copenhagen

My 10 years Passport expires soon… that was the reason I had to go to Copenhagen weeks ago.

I don’t know about your country’s embassy rules, but Japan Embassy requires that a person who applies for a passport, have to show up.  ( someone else can apply for it, but I have to show up.)

For me, that means I had to make 2 trips. Go there, apply. Go there, pick up.

It’s a drag if you live far away from the capital city but that’s how it is….

I arrived at Japan Embassy. (They moved to a new building near a new shopping mall “Fisketovet” – I love that mall!)

I had to go through security check like the airport, 2 buffy tattoed Danish men as security guards!

When I submit the paper – the staff said ” Please come back in 2 hours. We will express-issue the passport for you”

Do you know how happy-surprised I was!? I really wish I could smashed the security glass window to hug her!  I didn’t want to be thrown to a jail so I didn’t do it, But, maaan was I happy.

After the beautiful 2 hours at Fisketovet, I got my brand new, 10 year passport!!!!!!!!

Thank you Japan Embassy for the wonderful job. That’s how public sector should work….  me sayin’.

I still looooove to move to CPH!!! Thank you some followers had already told me some job leads. I am still looking. Ping me or email me if you know someone needs creative person like me 😉 I will send you my sample works.



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  1. Tekla says:

    Fisketorvet is amazing I could spend days there

    It’s also really nice, that they would express issue your pass port for you.

    Next time spend the extra money and stay at First Hotel Kong Frederik. It’s the best hotel experience I’ve had.

    • Koko says:

      Tekla thanks for your comment 🙂 I spent super easy 2hours by sitting a on a couch WITH outlet!! so I could work on a blog ahahah
      You’ve updated your blog! Looking so so good 🙂

  2. Jesper says:

    Thats great.

    If i may ask how did you meet your.

    From Jesper in SønderJydland