Japanese Curry Recipe

Simple, easy delicious Japanese food? —-It’s Japanese curry!
It’s delicious and authentic Japanese food you can make at home in Denmark (or any other countries that you live in).

I also call it  “life saver food” …… Why?

  • It’s extremely easy, fast to cook.
  • It’s extremely tasty.
  • Good portion that you can save it for next day or freeze it for another time.
    All you need is to just re-heat.

…Are you ready?!

Japanese Curry Recipe

Ingredients – you only need 3 things- 
  1. Japanese Curry Box. You can probably find Golden Curry at asian stores in Denmark. If you want to try different types, check here– tons of different brands.
    Choose “Mild” if you make for children.dsc_0228
  2. Meat. Chicken (breast or thigh, no-drum sticks.) or Pork or Beef.
    Note. Ground meat is also fine, but it’s not common to use.

  3. Vegetables. A lot of kinds of vegetables go well, but no matter you must use onions and carrots.
    Pick 1 or 2 from my other recommendations:
    eggplant, celery, spinach, kabocha (or potatoes), broccoli, zucchini…


Fukujin-zuke pickles.
What!? Curry and pickles? You may say….. I know it sounds weird. But If you really want true Japanese curry, you must try this radish pickles! It’s deliciou but unfortunately inot easy to find in Denmark- I have never seen.  But you can order from Japan Center.


-Wok or deep-pan


-Cook Japanese sushi rice. (no Jasmine or Basmati)
I bought YumeNishiki  and I recommend! It’s made in Italy, but it’s a true Japanese rice quality.  Texture is wonderful, It shines (!)  when it’s cooked, and taste very very nice.
It’s popular rice among Japanese who lives in  Europe.


STEP1: Cut Vegetables to 1 bite size. But Onions, quarter-cut.


Eggplant, this is how I cut.

dsc_0230 dsc_0231

STEP 2: Slice the meat.

In Japan it’s common to eat thin-sliced meat. However you can’t buy that style in western countries, so I usually slice myself.
You don’t have to slice it super thin, it’s pain in the butt – but try if possible. It’s very nice because thin sliced meat mix well with curry sauce and gives you more ‘deeper’ taste to it. (hard to explain…)

This thin sliced meat applies only for pork and beef. If chicken, no need to be thin.


STEP 3: Pan Fry the meat first. Then add vegetables.

dsc_0237 dsc_0239

STEP 4: Add water.

The amount of water differs depending on the size of the box you buy. Please check the instruction on back of the box.dsc_0240

STEP 5: Let it simmer until vegetables/meat are cooked all the way

Don’t forget to place a lid.curry-tip


STEP 6: Break the curry blocks

The plastic case is soft to be broken easily.
(no sharp 3mm corners to cut fingers )

dsc_0243 dsc_0244

STEP 7: Turn off the heat. Add Curry blocks, stir.

dsc_0246 dsc_0248

STEP 8: Stir sometimes, let the curry blocks melt. DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



After all of this works… I forgot a pic of my finished curry.
Husband and I ate it all.
I’m so baka (stupid) baka baka baka.

SO let me post a different type of curry I made at different time, )sorry!!!!)
It’s a pork tonkatsu curry.  (no Fukujin-zuke 🙁  )

Thanks for reading my long curry recipe…
I really hope you give a shot to make curry!

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  1. Leonhard says:

    Whaaaaa, I’m so going to make this! Thanks for another great recipe in the shape of a webcomic!

  2. Rek says:

    I made it today and it came out delicious, thank you 🙂

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