Japanese Cook Book

Have you had this problem??

I’ve got the perfect solution for you!
I decided to make a Japanese cook book, that is
5 Japanese Ingredients & Local Groceries. 

What does this mean?

In this Koko’s book, I’ve collected recipes that only use only Japanese 5 Ingredients. (Scroll down, I’m showing you what Fab 5 are and where to shop.)
Plus ingredients that you can buy from local grocery stores.  You know, something ordinary like chicken. onions. carrots. that kinda stuff.

My book is called:
Fab 5 Japanese-cook-book

The book includes:

*23 recipes* Nearly 70 pages * with illustrations and pictures* with trivia*
*3 original Food cartoons *

This is a download PDF e-book. Once you pay, you will get a immediate download link.

What you shouldn’t expect : This book is not a beautiful, stylish, sexy design. Very simple layout, but with my illustrations, cartoons, photos included. Good Recipes!

Price : 47 dkk / $7.50 / 6.30 Euro 

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If you have questions / comments, feel free to write me on FB message or helloscandiasia [at mark ] gmail.com


What are those secret 5 ingredients!?
Here is the list below. Strongly recommend to buy all of them before you use my book!

1★ Japanese Soy Sauce
please buy Japanese brand soy sauce only.   That’s because other countries’ soy sauce has different flavour—- so it jut simply won’t work.

For Japanese cooking, please buy Kikkoman, Yamasa, Marukin, Yutaka brand….
Soy Sauce <EU>USA Shipping


This is sweetened rice wine.  If you can’t find it, you can use white wine with honey or sugar in it. But in this recipe, I will use Mirin.

    Mirin  <EU>

   Mirin Amazon USA

3★ Sake

Some people say can use white wine or rice wine … in my opinion, they still have different taste. I strongly recommend to buy Sake for Japanese cooking.

You can buy

  Sake <EU> 

 Sake Amazon

4★Dashi – Bonito fish broth powder. .

It’s essential for Japanese cooking, we almost use it all the dishes.
Unfortunately you can’t find it at local stores, most likely you need to buy from Asian store or online.

Dashi 5 packs
           Dashi 10 packs

 Dashi Amazon

5★Sesame Oil

Some of my recipes use sesame oil.
Buy “roasted sesame oil”, which is brown color.  

It’s used for additional flavor and taste. You can skip but it makes a huge difference if you add it. 🙂  So I recommend buying it! 

Buy Sesame oil EU

Buy Sesame oil USA


Price : 47 Danish Kroner / $7.50 / 6.30 Euro 

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